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Our athletes have a responsibility to provide a positive image in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in our community. They must be reminded that participation in athletics is a privilege and not a right. All athletes are expected to meet this athletic code and failure to comply during their season could result in suspension or removal from a team.

While at school: A good athlete is also a good student and one who obeys all school rules and regulations. This means good attendance, participation, effort and behavior.  An athlete must be in school and attend all scheduled classes (including physical education) in order to participate in any practices or contests. If an athlete is suspended from school, she/he may not participate in practices or games during her/his suspension period.

On the playing fields or courts: Fair play and good sportsmanship is expected at all times. No athlete will use profanity. An athlete will respect teammates, opponents, officials and spectators.

In our community: The way an athlete acts in our community is very important. As an athlete, she/he shall respect the rights of others and represent our team, our school and our town with dignity.

The use of illegal substances: Any use, possession or distribution of illegal substances (drugs/alcohol) of an athlete is prohibited. This is a twenty-four hour rule, extends beyond the school day, and includes the following circumstances:

  • Being in a motor vehicle with alcohol or drugs regardless of whether the athlete is the passenger or driver, or whether the athlete is in personal possession of any alcohol or drugs.
  • Permitting the illegal consumption of alcohol or use of drugs in the athlete’s home or on an athlete’s premises.
  • Postings on blogs and social-networking web sites that confirm a violation.

Failure to comply with this code will result in the following consequences:

  • First offense - A two week suspension from all practices and games. The athlete will be required to meet with her/his school social worker prior to rejoining the team. Upon completion of the suspension, the athlete may apply for reinstatement through a conference with the Athletic Director, Coach and Parent. A first offense could impact an opportunity to become a varsity captain.
  • Subsequent offense - A subsequent offense during the school year, will result in the removal of the athlete from their team for the remainder of their current season and will exclude the athlete from participation in athletics for the remainder of the school year. The athlete will be ineligible for any post-season awards, recognition or participation at team events, and excluded from the opportunity of becoming a varsity captain.


The use of androgenic / anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing substances:  Any athlete who has been determined to have used, in or out-of-season, androgenic / anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing substances shall be declared ineligible for all CIAC-controlled activities for one hundred eighty (180) school days on each occurrence. This one hundred eighty (180) school day period of ineligibility commences on the day the CIAC Board of Control makes such determination. 


The use of tobacco products:  An athlete shall not use or have in possession any tobacco products (includes electronic cigarettes or similar devices). This is a twenty-four hour rule and extends beyond the school day. Failure to comply with this code will result in a one-week suspension from all practices and games (minimum of one game).


The Greenwich High School Athletic Department does not wish to penalize an athlete attempting to act correctly in situations not of their own making or that could not be avoided. The Headmaster, Director of Athletics and Coach will assess each alleged violation and provide enforcement of this code when and where appropriate. A violation of the Athletic Code of Conduct or Cardinal Rules during team tryouts could negatively impact an athlete’s team selection. A captain who, in or out of season, violates the illegal substance use provision of our athletic code will automatically lose the position of team captain.